Beauties & Bullies II - I

Beauties & Bullies I


I’ve always liked you. I guess I never stopped.

last dances & last chances

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Kiss me again 
everything else is a distant sound 
a star that explodes the boundaries of the sky 
Kiss me again 
I want be with you 
chase with you 
all the waves of our destiny

Auslly Kiss Evolution (a.k.a auslly killing everyone in the fandom with feels)

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Austin, you’re staring; and the person you’re staring at isn’t your date.

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dez & trish shipping auslly

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Auslly Prom Moments (2/5)

-“So I didn’t bring a horse or fireworks or anything, and it’s a little late but, would you be my prom date?”

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season 1 || season 3 {insp}

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